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Renting a Studio Apartment in Oakland

The vibrant metropolis of Oakland is situated just to the east of San Francisco. The largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area's East Bay is known as Oakland. Oakland is California's eighth-most populated city, with a little more than 425,000 residents.


In addition to Forestland, Glen Highlands, Lake Temescal, Montclair, Oakmore, and several other attractions, the area includes the highest peaks in the city. The unit sizes and amenities available in these Oakland Hill apartments vary.


Finding Oakland hills apartments for rent is no longer a challenge since Raj Properties has the most luxurious apartments for you. We advertise homes and apartments for a variety of clientele, including individuals, families, groups of friends, students, and coworkers.

What Is a Studio Apartment?

In a studio apartment, the additional living spaces—the kitchen, living room, and bedroom—are sometimes merged into a single bigger space in a studio. Some of them feature independent kitchens, while others are "L-shaped," with an alcove that may serve as a sleeping place. For a first apartment, studio flats are best since they require fewer furnishings to feel "complete."

There are many reasons to rent studio apartments in Oakland ca.

Why Choose Oakland?

Oakland experiences pleasant, all-year-round weather. September, with an average high temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit, is the hottest month of the year. Since there are just 178 bright days in the city each year, rainfall is quite rare.


Oakland's traffic is well known for being backed up and hectic. There are several user-friendly public transit options in Oakland. The Bay Area Rapid Transit trains, ferries, AC Transit buses, and BART are some of the greatest alternatives.


As a port city and a hub for trade, Oakland has developed into a destination for all kinds of varied cuisine and international cuisine. Soul cuisine combines traditional dishes such as fried chicken or fish, black-eyed peas, cornbread, and collard greens as well as strong tastes.

Apartment Hunting: 4 Important Things to Consider When Renting

If this is your first time renting or the final, finding that perfect Berkeley studio apartments for rent that suits your budget and lifestyle will not be an easy task. Whether you are a student who is looking for 1 bhk house rent in San Francisco or a family looking for a duplex for your whole family. Apartment hunting is always difficult. But do not worry we're here to assist. Before you sign your lease, remember these essential 4 things in your mind when looking for an apartment.


The Price

The first thing to consider is do you have the money to live there? Before you seriously consider renting a 1 bhk house rent in San Francisco you must carefully think about your budget. Do some online investigation to find out what the rental costs are within the area. If you're looking to spend a steep cost for a particular area, you'll have to figure out other ways to save money. You may also need to locate roommates in order to meet the cost. Keep in mind that if a rental is exceptionally low (read as too great to be real) in comparison to other rental properties in the area, this could be a major warning sign. The bottom line is to be aware of the market before considering apartments and then negotiating the price.

The Qualitative

Do not believe in the beautiful images that you can see on the internet. When you are considering renting an apartment, make arrangements to visit the property in person. Be aware that any problems with the appearance, like broken blinds , or scratches on the walls, could be addressed - perhaps by the landlord. However, more serious issues could indicate that the property hasn't been adequately taken in the proper way. When you look around the apartment be sure to look for signs of health and safety concerns like bug issues, rodents, leaky taps leaks, water damages, filthy air filters, mould, damaged heat or air conditioner rust, damaged windows, and electrical issues.

The Landlord

Your landlord's actions could make or break your rental experience. If you're dealing with a poor landlord - one who has bad moral character or an inability to keep boundaries - you could be in your own nightmare rental. To avoid this occurring, make an effort to meet with your landlord, or talk to your landlord over the phone. In the event that you're moving into an apartment that has roommates already, be sure to inquire about their experiences with their landlord.

Neighbours And the Neighbourhood

If you're in search of Berkeley studio apartments for rent, along with this, you have to be mindful of possible neighbours. When meeting potential roommates ask them about their experiences regarding their neighbours. If they begin to make complaints about neighbours, my advice is to get them out of the room. Nobody wants to have to deal with rude neighbours.

Before signing a lease, stroll around the neighbourhood to gain a better understanding of the neighbourhood. You'll be able better discern the general demographics and age of the area by spending time at the place.



These are the top 4 important things to consider while apartment hunting. We hope you will find this information useful and it will help you find the right apartment.

Perks of Renting a Big House

A large apartment, for instance, a 4bhk or 5bhk, has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. It provides a lot of unoccupied space that can be kept up to the family's specific tastes and preferences. Each family member has a place to call their own, so they can all enjoy their privacy.

So you must see a 4 bedroom or 5 bedroom house for rent San Francisco and for that, Raj Properties is here to help.


The 4 BHK/5BHK flats' precise designs and architecture are cutting-edge, lovely, and modern, delivering a modern family the best in terms of an opulent and affluent lifestyle. The interiors are top-notch, with open floor plans, granite countertops, wood, and many other features. This guarantees a superior standard of living that is above and above the common way of life.


The key idea at play here is minimalism, as every available space in the four/five-bedroom apartments is utilized to the fullest extent. In terms of living space, there are four bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and restrooms. Family members can spend valuable time together in the foyer and balconies found in the majority of 4BHK/5BHK apartments.


These luxurious apartments were built with double-paned windows to keep out extraneous noises and preserve the peace. This creates space for original and joyful thinking. These necessities can be maintained in a wealthy lifestyle with a 4BHK/5BHK without disturbance from the outside world.

Final Thoughts

For families who want luxurious, practical, and comfortable living, 4 BHK flats or big flats are the ideal options. Since the security system is impregnable, no robberies or thefts can take place. When there are children and elderly people at home, this becomes even more important and valuable.

After all these advantages, you better know what you want. Contact Raj Properties to explore options for a 5 or 4 bedroom house for rent San Francisco and more.


Short term apartment rentals in Berkeley ca - Raj Properties

Find short term apartment rentals in Berkeley ca easily with Raj Properties. Browse through the most viable options online before you move to the city.

Houses for rent near San Franciso CA | Raj Properties

Are you looking for homes for rent near San Francisco? Raj properties offers you houses for rent in San Francisco California.

Things to Know Before Renting a House (Things that People Usually Forgets)

The hunt for the perfect house for rent can be sometimes daunting especially when you are doing it for the very first time. No matter if you are living for rent for a few years now or it's your first time, it's natural to get carried away by the excitement of finding a home. And in this excitement, you should never get carried away because you may end up paying a huge rent or regret taking the place if you have not ticked a few boxes before moving in. That's why it is suggested to look for apartments for rent in Berkeley on Raj Properties


Moreover, before signing a lease, or rental agreement, it is a good practice to examine a few aspects of the house to avoid hassles. Since you are going to call this place your home for almost a year or more you need to be careful with the process of finalising the studio for rent in San Francisco. So, as a leading online house rental service, it's our responsibility to share the top things you must know before renting a house. Without further ado, let us have a look at these points. 


Make a Prioritised Checklist

If you already have a checklist then it's amazing and if not then create a personalised checklist that includes all the must-haves, and the nice to have features in your place. It will help you filter the different kinds of apartments for rent in Berkeley and give you a concrete picture of the kind of house you want to call home. For instance, if you own a car then a car parking space must be in your possession or if you have a per then it is important to check with your landlord first as you may have to pay a small pet fee to live with your love. 


Know your Neighbours

It is always a great idea to get an idea with whom you are going to share your neighbour. If you are a quiet person then a family with noisy kids next door can be difficult to live with. In such scenarios studio for rent San Francisco is a great option. Moreover, talk to your landlord or try talking to the neighbours themselves.


Scout the Area in the Night

A safe neighbourhood should be on top of your checklist. And for that scout the area in the night and notice are there families walking out? Is it an isolated neighbourhood or friendly? Are street lights functioning? Find the noise levels at night to learn whether you can sleep peacefully or not. 


Are you allowed to Decorate the Place?

Some landlords emphatically object to having their walls covered with art or any kind of posters. If you are one of the people who wants to make alterations to make a personalised space then you need to check it with your landlord as well. Don’t forget to ask about other practical aspects too, like putting up shelves or replacing furniture.



These are some things which everyone should know before renting a house and you must too. We hope you will find the exact place you are looking for to live peacefully.


For decades, the Bay Area has been a dream for many homeowners, but when it comes to locating a property on the water bank, most people instantly think of San Francisco. It's easy to understand why, given the city's thriving IT sector, extensive art scene, and lively culture. However, San Francisco isn't the only wonderful bayside community.


More people have moved to nearby rooms and apartments for rent Oakland in recent years. This burgeoning neighbourhood is giving San Francisco a run for its money on every level, particularly with residences like Fourth Street East. Here are five reasons why Oakland is a great place to live in the Bay Area, apart from San Francisco.


  • The location is exactly right.

Oakland is direct across the bay. Although it may appear to be a long trek from the lively downtown, the BART transportation system actually provides residents with quicker access to the city than those who live uptown. The stations are less congested, getting to them does not require weaving through busy streets, and the trip has fewer stops along the route.


In fact, BART is so close to Oakland that you don't even need to drive to get to a station. Locals park their cars at home and walk to their destinations, sometimes taking the train to and from the city whenever they choose. At the same time, inhabitants are closer to Berkeley's culture and entertainment thanks to the same transit.


When you combine the ease of mobility with the wonderful weather in the Bay Area, the benefit becomes evident. Even better, Oakland isn't prone to the city's temperature-dropping fogs. What else could you want?



  • The housing market has been reduced in price.


Rent in the city is exorbitant, which should come as no surprise to anybody who lives in California. Even at exorbitant costs, an excellent home is difficult to find. In terms of housing, San Francisco is the western equivalent of New York.


On the other hand, Oakland, on the other hand, has remained remarkably affordable for a Bay Area neighbourhood. Throughout the last decade, the median rent has stayed $1,500-2,000 lower. For the same price as a tight studio in the city, you may have plenty of space and no roommates across the harbour, which is wonderful news for many.



  • There are many jobs available.


San Francisco is well-known for being a thriving tech hub with plenty of career opportunities. But did you know you could get the same thing in Oakland? Seven of the town's businesses topped Forbes' list of America's top 100 fastest-growing corporations.


The IT and media businesses are following young talent across the water and establishing permanent offices within the city limits. Pixar and Pandora, as well as the 3D printing behemoth Fathom, is among the most well-known companies.


The relevance of small businesses is also emphasised in the local community. Local products and services are significantly favoured over corporate behemoths, providing entrepreneurs with a significant competitive advantage. The Sustainable Business Alliance, run by the local charity Oakland Grown, provides substantial assistance to small businesses ranging from brewers to grocery store owners. Whatever your business, Oakland provides a plethora of options for you.



  • Art and culture are extremely popular.


Oakland is just as varied as San Francisco, with many different nationalities coexisting in one cosmopolitan metropolis. This mingling of cultures provides the area with a rich ethnic atmosphere as well as the creative energy for which California is known. That mix results in multicultural cuisine, a plethora of festivals, and art culture that matches SF in every aspect.


On practically every street in this bayside neighbourhood, there is something for everyone, from high-end art galleries to pop-up collectives and performance spaces. Building walls are covered in brilliant graffiti, and pop-up galleries take place throughout the year. Locals say they receive their inspiration from the ambience of Oakland itself, which is formed by the rich mix of people that live here.


Oakland's veins are filled with creativity, whether it's a canvas painting or a culinary dish. That's on equal footing with, if not better than, the art scene in San Francisco.



  • The land rules are green.


Both Oakland and the West Bay have made significant efforts to make the Bay Area even more environmentally friendly than in previous years. Their effort has been dubbed a "green revolution," and it has inspired numerous other sections of California to follow suit.


Oakland's efforts include converting vacant areas into vegetable gardens that give organic produce to residents; rewriting agricultural rules to make urban farming more accessible to the public; and a number of conservation initiatives to safeguard the area's water supply. City Slicker Farms, in collaboration with Sustainable Oakland, will even assist you in growing your own mini-garden in your backyard. This effort for greener living has also resulted in a tenfold reduction in energy use in the area.


These activities are made feasible by Oakland's position and terrain, which San Francisco does not have. If you value an environmentally sustainable way of life, you'll fit right in at this Bay Area location.


Raj Properties

It's easy to understand why Oakland is quickly overtaking San Francisco as the preferred Bay Area destination. Raj Properties, a premium apartment development created to fit the spirit of the town, is located right in the centre of this exciting district.


These contemporary houses have upmarket furniture as well as access to a wide range of carefully selected facilities that appeal to a variety of lifestyles. Residents have easy access to a more environmentally friendly commute to the city and the neighbouring Bay Area because BART is only a few blocks away. Each house is created with green building in mind, with no detail overlooked in order to provide you with the ultimate in comfort between work and play.


We welcome you to explore Oakland and get an apartment for rent in east Oakland.


for all that it has to offer in these magnificent houses. You've arrived at a new level of comfort. Raj Properties extends a warm welcome.

Important Tips for Tenants Wanting To Rent Luxury Apartments

We know you stopped by because you were looking for apartments for rent in West Oakland. Right?

Owning or renting a luxury apartment has been a goal for many. What you couldn’t get in an average apartment, you can get in a luxury one, by paying an extra penny of course. So if you are among those seekers looking for a deluxe apartment to rent, make sure to check the following Guiding points before you proceed.

Important Tips for Tenants Wanting To Rent Luxury Apartments

What’s A Luxury Apartment

First of all, you must know that a luxury apartment is a property that has high-quality facilities, space, security, and location in comparison to other properties. It has unique features and is usually offered by luxury real estate agencies. One can rent this space for either everyday living or spend holidays with close ones.

What Benefits Does It Offer

Luxury apartments offer benefits similar to that of a luxury hotel. This includes a splendid space, access to high-end amenities, a luxurious lifestyle, and fewer maintenance costs. For people looking for apartments for rent Oakland has a number of luxury rental options to choose from.

How Is It Different From Other Properties

When choosing a suitable luxury apartment, make sure to compare the different properties first. Look for what amenities and services each property offers. These could be spacious rooms, swimming pools, reserved parking, gyms, etc. Some properties also provide services like a private car cleaner, hairdresser, fitness trainer, cook or mechanic, and so on.

What Real Estate You Should Choose

While shuffling through the options for luxury properties, you must also learn and study about the real estate agencies offering them. It is important to know about the property agencies, how old are they, are these reputed ones, have these been positively reviewed by customers or not, etc. Check out their portfolios on the internet or in person, photographs of the number of projects they have done, and also the localities they are developed into.

What Is The Registration Process

Learn about the registration process offered by each of the real estate agencies. The usual process of registering for a property is more or less the same with each agency. However, while some procedures can be simple others can be a little complicated.

How To Make Payment

Lastly, know about the modes of making payments while booking the luxury property of your choice. How is it done, online or in person, is it reliable and secure, how much time does it take, etc. should be your major concerns in this respect.


The above points are important checkpoints that should be at your fingertips while choosing a luxury apartment. Once you find the most suitable apartment, make haste to book it. Raj Properties offers a diversity of apartments for rent in West Oakland in high-end localities. Visit the website today to find the apartment of your dreams.

Moving In A Loft Apartment? Know About These Vital Things

When we start our search for a rented apartment, we come across a number of things to decide over. Our major choices and considerations revolve around aspects like the city, neighborhood, locality, cost of living in apartments, etc. Among these aspects, we also come across the question as to what type of apartment we wish to rent and move in. When it comes to selecting the apartment type, one of the most popular options that click our minds, is lofts. 


If you’re looking for lofts for rent San Francisco, you must know that lofts are wide open spaces with high ceilings. Apparently, they have exposed bricks or concrete and support beams and are often located in commercial buildings. Moreover, living in lofts can be way different than standard apartments. Whether you find it on a property website like Raj Properties or offered by a property agent, you must know everything about lofts before moving in as a tenant. Let us help you with that. 

Important Things To Know Before Moving Into A Loft Apartment

  1. Decide Ways To Use The Vertical Space

High ceilings are the most common feature of lofts. It is essential to plan a proper utilization of this vertical space. What you could do is include a loft bed, storage on the wall, a pull-down bed, and different options to save space. This will not only utilize your vertical space but also make your floor space less cluttered. So, start with your research, visit the apartment once or twice to understand it, and then plan what you need to do. 

  1. Prepare For Privacy

Another important aspect you should keep note of is that lofts can lack privacy. This is because they are nothing but large rooms. Hence, if you choose to live with a roommate, you must prepare yourself for everything you’re going to see since there will be no privacy. To deal with these situations, be prepared to incorporate shelves, sliding pocket doors, room dividers, sheets, and other kinds of separators. 

  1. Use Your Creativity

In apartments that are not lofts, you get separate and dedicated rooms that offer you to pour in limited creativity. However, in lofts, you get a whole wide space to explore and play with your creativity. You can choose different color combinations of walls, pick furniture that compliments them, take inspiration from the internet, and do a lot of stuff.

  1. Plan Storage 

The wide and large spaces of lofts call for planning the storage smartly and effectively. This is because they do not have any in-built shelves, storage, or closets. Hence to make it easy to store things in an organized way, you will need to introduce storage units to your space. 

In addition to this, you can try downsizing before moving in. This will help cut off excess things you won’t need in the future and will make it easy for you to plan storage. 

Wrapping Up

We hope you were able to get familiar beforehand with what you need to do prior to moving into a loft apartment. After going through the above considerable points, if it doesn’t seem possible for you to go with a loft, you can always go for other choices at Raj Properties. The website even houses a number of apartments for rent in San Francisco under $1000 to choose from.

Ten Tips For Tenants Before Moving In

If you are a tenant for many years then you know the number of problems that you need to face while moving into a new place. The process is very long, hefty and takes time. There are many things which you need to consider before shifting to a new house. Here we are providing you with a few tips which you can follow before moving to a new place.

Check the Lease
Review your lease agreement and check for all the points if they are acceptable or not. You can find a few things like can’t bring in guests, can’t have pets and many more other things which your landlord won’t allow you. So, check for all the possible alternation you need to make in the lease agreement before shifting to a new apartment or a new house.

Get Everything in Writing

Many landlords walk away from your words which they have to take care of before you shift in their apartments. If you asked for the repairs or a repaint then ask them to give it to you in writing so that you have proof if they ignore your request. Raj properties help you find the best houses or apartment without any hassle.

Ask For Repairs

If you are paying rent then you must learn the law of living in a better place. If you find things which are not working properly then you can ask your landlord to fix all those equipment before moving in. Check for water, heat, electricity and sanitary as these are the most basic amenities which should work properly.

Communicate with your landlord

Lack of communication with your landlord can cause a problem for you. If your landlord is slow in repairs then you need to contact him/her again and get the repairs done. So, you don’t have to worry about it.

Clear Your Rent and Security Deposit

Always clear your rent before shifting to a new place so that you don’t have to pay a much higher amount later. Many tenants need to face a problem in which they didn’t get their security amount back. So, clear all the points before shifting to a new place. Read your agreement carefully so that you don’t face any problem in future.

Fight the Fees

If you think that the apartment or your house is not up to the mark then you can fight for the rent that the owner is asking you to pay. Try to negotiate the current rent so that you don’t end up in paying more. And if your luck is with you then you will end up paying less amount.

Here are the few tips which you can ponder or consider before shifting to a new place. Always remember to read the agreement before you finalising anything so that you don’t face any problem in future. You can contact Rajendra Reddy an agent who can help you find the best homes in U.C. Berkeley, Oakland and San Leandro.