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Moving In A Loft Apartment? Know About These Vital Things

When we start our search for a rented apartment, we come across a number of things to decide over. Our major choices and considerations revolve around aspects like the city, neighborhood, locality, cost of living in apartments, etc. Among these aspects, we also come across the question as to what type of apartment we wish to rent and move in. When it comes to selecting the apartment type, one of the most popular options that click our minds, is lofts. 


If you’re looking for lofts for rent San Francisco, you must know that lofts are wide open spaces with high ceilings. Apparently, they have exposed bricks or concrete and support beams and are often located in commercial buildings. Moreover, living in lofts can be way different than standard apartments. Whether you find it on a property website like Raj Properties or offered by a property agent, you must know everything about lofts before moving in as a tenant. Let us help you with that. 

Important Things To Know Before Moving Into A Loft Apartment

  1. Decide Ways To Use The Vertical Space

High ceilings are the most common feature of lofts. It is essential to plan a proper utilization of this vertical space. What you could do is include a loft bed, storage on the wall, a pull-down bed, and different options to save space. This will not only utilize your vertical space but also make your floor space less cluttered. So, start with your research, visit the apartment once or twice to understand it, and then plan what you need to do. 

  1. Prepare For Privacy

Another important aspect you should keep note of is that lofts can lack privacy. This is because they are nothing but large rooms. Hence, if you choose to live with a roommate, you must prepare yourself for everything you’re going to see since there will be no privacy. To deal with these situations, be prepared to incorporate shelves, sliding pocket doors, room dividers, sheets, and other kinds of separators. 

  1. Use Your Creativity

In apartments that are not lofts, you get separate and dedicated rooms that offer you to pour in limited creativity. However, in lofts, you get a whole wide space to explore and play with your creativity. You can choose different color combinations of walls, pick furniture that compliments them, take inspiration from the internet, and do a lot of stuff.

  1. Plan Storage 

The wide and large spaces of lofts call for planning the storage smartly and effectively. This is because they do not have any in-built shelves, storage, or closets. Hence to make it easy to store things in an organized way, you will need to introduce storage units to your space. 

In addition to this, you can try downsizing before moving in. This will help cut off excess things you won’t need in the future and will make it easy for you to plan storage. 

Wrapping Up

We hope you were able to get familiar beforehand with what you need to do prior to moving into a loft apartment. After going through the above considerable points, if it doesn’t seem possible for you to go with a loft, you can always go for other choices at Raj Properties. The website even houses a number of apartments for rent in San Francisco under $1000 to choose from.